Is your asphalt severely damaged? Just Seal It LLC can help you with this problem. Many times asphalt fails which leads to “alligatored cracks”. Not only are these cracks unsightly, they over time present tripping hazards and damage to vehicles.

We have the perfect solution to fixing these damaged areas. It’s called Infrared Repair. This process includes heating the asphalt to 400 degrees with an infrared heater. Next step involves removing the damaged asphalt. After the damaged asphalt is removed we place new asphalt with the existing asphalt. After the asphalt is leveled out, we then roll & compact it. This creates a seamless patch.

Standard asphalt patch repair consists of cutting the asphalt with a saw, which can be a very messy process. Then after the asphalt is removed new asphalt is placed in the void. Because hot material is bordered by the cold existing asphalt, there is not a bond between the two materials which leaves a crack between that water can penetrate. Most of the time a tar band will be placed around the patch to seal the seam. This tar band becomes a maintenance item that will need to be addressed annually to maintain adequate protection.

The benefits of Infrared Asphalt Repair lies in the seamless patch. Unlike standard repair that leads to open seams, the Infrared process heats the entire asphalt surface and when rolled all asphalt mends together. After this process there no longer is a need for any future maintenance on the patch.

If you are interested in this alternative method of fixing asphalt, please call us for a no obligation estimate.

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